In Malawi, Health Surveillance Assistants Provide a Crucial Link Between the Community and Health Care System



Shoot Date

31 May 2012

Shoot Location

Chimphanga Village, Malawi

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00:06:24:00 1. Wide shot of Khombedza health centre (00:00:00:00) 2. Wide shot of dusty road with camera pan right to Khombedza health centre buildings (00:00:07:16) 3. Medium shot of one building unit at Khombedza health centre with two ladies waiting outside (00:00:16:03) 4. Medium close up of people walking with health centre building in the background (00:00:21:07) 5. Medium shot of inside one of the waiting areas at the health centre. A man takes a seat and waits his turn (00:00:27:03) 6. Medium shot of mother standing up and wrapping her child with the traditional Chitenje cloth while walking out of the waiting area of the health centre (00:00:40:01) 7. Wide shot of mothers with their children waiting at the health centre (00:00:45:21) 8. Close up of patients waiting to be seen by a health care professional (00:00:51:13) 9. Close up of medicines being given by Blessings Makono at Chimphanga Village, Malawi (00:00:55:17) 10. Close up of Makono's hands removing a pill from a blister pack. Then camera tracks movement right of Makono's hand giving the medicine to a mother (00:01:00:21) 11. Close up of mother crushing the pill with a spoon (00:01:09:10) 12. Medium shot, over the shoulder of Makono with mother adding water to the crushed medicine (00:01:12:03) 13. Close up of sick looking little girl child (00:01:18:23) 14. Medium shot of mother giving medicine with a cup to her daughter while Makono helps hold the child's head back (00:01:30:16) 15. Medium to wide shot of Makono's village clinic with mother's sitting on the dusty floor while Makono is attending to other patients in the background (00:01:33:12) 16. Medium shot of Makono measuring the length of the little girls arm using a measuring tape (00:01:39:20) 17. Close up of the measuring tape around a little girls arm (00:01:45:05) 18. Close up, over the shoulder of Makono writing in a child's health passport (00:01:48:01) 19. Wide shot, over the shoulder shot of Makono writing in a child's health passport (00:01:58:10) 20. Medium shot of a baby crying with her mother picking up to comfort her (00:02:04:14) 21. Medium shot of Makono handing a spoon with crushed medicine to a mother who reaches to give it to her child (00:02:10:07) 22. Close up shot of mother's hand giving the medicine with a spoon (00:02:16:20) 23. Wide shot of village clinic with camera pan to right tracking a group of goats moving from left to right of camera with village huts in the near distance (00:02:24:24) 24. Medium shot of Mwanaisha and her daughter Awesha sitting on the dusty floor along side another mother waiting for their turn to see Makono (00:02:33:03) 25. Medium shot of Makono administering some crushed medicine on a spoon to a child (00:02:35:11) 26. Close up of girl child drinking crushed medicine on a spoon while her mother tries to keep her mouth open to not waste a drop (00:02:42:12) 27. Medium shot, over the should of Makono explaining to a mother when and how much of the medicine to give her child at home (00:02:47:01) 28. Wide shot of Makono talking to a mother while a father and his son wait their turn to see the HSA (00:02:52:02) 29. Close up of Makono checking the heart rate of a young boy (00:02:57:10) 30. Medium shot of a father getting fresh drinking water for his son to drink the medicine (00:03:02:20) 31. Medium shot of father giving the cup of water to his son who drinks from it (00:03:08:01) 32. Close up of boy drinking from cup then finishes by giving the cup to his father who you see his arm in shot standing up and leaving camera (00:03:17:00) 33. Medium shot of father and son ready go leave the village clinic. With the boy clearly looking happier (00:03:21:07) 34. Medium shot of father and son walking away from the village clinic shaded tree then stopping to great a onlooker (00:03:22:09) 35. Wide shot of mothers and their children at the village clinic with a father and son getting on the bicycle getting ready to go back home (00:03:27:02) 36. Medium shot of father pushing his bicycle with his son on it (00:03:33:09) 37. Extreme wide shot of father and son riding a bicycle towards the village in the distance (00:03:40:20) 38. Medium over the should shot of a mother and her child (00:03:44:08) 39. Close up of a baby in an orange outfit (00:03:48:11) 40. Medium shot of a mother washing her hands before helping to give medicine to her child (00:03:50:18) 41. Close up of mother washing her hands (00:03:52:23) 42. Close up of Makono holding a health passport (00:03:55:19) 43. Close up of the UNICEF medical kit while Makono takes some pills to give to a mother (00:04:00:21) 44. Wide shot of village clinic and mother walking slowly towards the clinic in the distance (00:04:06:01) 45. Close up of mother walking towards the village clinic (00:04:11:15) 46. Wide shot of Makono writing in his medical journal while a UNICEF branded vehicle enters from behind. Both Makono and the mother look back to the vehicle (00:04:15:03) 47. Wide shot of Makono and mother's waiting (00:04:22:19) 48. Wide shot of village clinic with ox cart in shot on right (00:04:25:03) 49. Extreme wide shot of village clinic with cyclist crossing camera (00:04:30:00) 50. Wide shot of Makono writing in a health passport with two mothers and their children (00:04:36:20) 51. Wide shot of Makono attending to another mother before he sees Mwanaisha with her daughter Awesha (00:04:40:14) 52. Medium shot of Awehsa sucking her thumb while sitting on her mothers lap (00:04:42:11) 53. Medium shot, over the should of Makono of Mwanaisha and Awesha (00:04:44:11) 54. Medium shot of Victor Chinyama, UNICEF Malawi Chief of Communication, interviewing Makono (00:04:48:05) 55. Over the should shot of Victor Chinyama talking to Makono who smiles (00:04:55:11) 56. Medium shot of Victor with village huts in the background (00:05:00:23) 57. Extreme close up of Victor writing notes on a pad (00:05:08:07) 58. Over the shoulder shot of Makono talking to Victor (00:05:14:17) 59. Medium shot of Victor listening to Makono's response to his question (00:05:21:01) 60. Medium shot of Makono responding to one of Victor's questions with the village in the far background (00:05:31:01) 61. Wide shot of Makono being interviewed by Victor with the village clinic in shot (00:05:34:08) 62. Wide shot of UNICEF car with Victor and Makono in the background at the village clinic (00:05:53:09) 63. Medium shot of UNICEF car door with UNICEF logo and Victor shaking Makono's hands on right of camera as he thanks Makono for the interview sharing his story and village clinic life (00:06:01:11)
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