• 19-NOV-2015

  • SOURCE: University of Phoenix

Fight Cyber Crime

Dr. Kirsten Hoyt, Academic Dean for the College of Information Systems and Technology
Tips for Protecting Your Online IdentityDuring the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday season brings a wide variety of guests. Some welcome, like friends and family, and others unwelcome, like identity thieves and cyber criminals. Data breach instances increased 23 percent in 2014 and according to a recent survey from the University of Phoenix, the retail industry has one of the lowest trust factors when it comes to personal data.

The survey also showed that more than two-in-five (42 percent) of respondents believe we are less secure than we were five years ago and 44 percent report they have experienced a personal security breach. Despite feeling less secure, 81 percent have not invested in any form of online theft or identity theft protection.