• 27-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: Volvo Ocean Race

Life onboard at 20 knots in the South Atlantic

Since leaving the Doldrums a few days ago, the fleet is speeding down at an average 16 to 17 knots towards Cape Town.

A new rhythm has set in, less manoeuvres, but for everyone life now moves at an incredible speed in a loud and wet environment…and at an angle.

"Life on board is much like living on a mountain, on skis," Sally Barkow, from team SCA, said. "And you have to cook, eat, sleep, and work on this mountain. It's not easy."

Imagine boiling teakettles on this mountain, and the mountain moves left and right, up and down, and then pouring the boiling water into a food pot. You end up having way too much faith on a slippery pair of wet shoes—the only thing preventing you from catapulting into the empty bunks below with the boiling water.

Cooking, or food in general, is definitely a key component and a source of concern for this first leg. With enough stock for 24 days, Team Brunel needs to speed up, if they don't, they could be without food for two days.


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