• 29-NOV-2014

  • SOURCE: Volvo Ocean Race

The perfect storm?

The lucky leading pack of the Volvo Ocean Race's enjoyed last night's encounter with the dreaded tropical storm. Well-prepared, safe and secured on the deck, no teams reported incidents overnight, except the rare opportunity for some to finally take a shower.

 With up to 30-knot winds and a lot of rain, the storm, which is once again classed as a 'depression', certainly made itself known, and that helped MAPFRE, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Team Brunel and Dongfeng Race Team increase the gap on the three chasing teams.

 "I guess as far as storms go, if this was it, then you'd take one everyday! It was good for sailing, I think we had max pressure of 32 knots and now its 21, 22 and pretty nice conditions. Downwind I guess, the problem with these tropical storms is that they can intensify pretty quickly, so better to be safe than sorry, and have everyone on alert about what's going on. Awesome sailing at the moment," explained Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing boat captain Daryl Wislang earlier.The fleet is now heading straight north as quickly as possible to catch Monsoon winds.


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