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Caught between Point Nemo and an iceberg



After an eventful last 48 hours and three Chinese gybes that brutally stopped Team SCA, Dongfeng Race Team and MAPFRE (see footage from yesterday here), the Spanish boat managed to take the lead in Leg 5.
00:00 - 00:49 Rough Southern Ocean sailing - Team Brunel 00:49 - 00:59 Rokas Milevicius (LIT) on how cold it is onboard right now 00:59 - 01:13 Close shots on gloves and head gear - Team Brunel 01:13 - 01:19 Rough Southern Ocean sailing - Team Alvimedica 01:19 - 02:02 Will Oxley (AUS) - Team Alvimedica putting his Dry Suit gear and harness and talking about being part of the rotation on deck for safety reasons and not having packed properly 02:02 - 02:18 Snow onboard MAPFRE 02:18 - 02:24 Temperature monitor shot onboard MAPFRE 02:24 - 02:41 Simon Fisher (GBR) - Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing - on the first Ice Limit modification (Friday, March 20th, 2015) 02:41 - 02:45 Navigation screen shot close-up 02:45 - 03:13 Visit of the safety compartment at the bow of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing - useful in case of frontal impact, with Daryl Wislang (NZL) 03:13 - 03:27 Phil Harmer (AUS) - Abu Dhabi Ocean Race - on the danger of icebergs 03:27 - 03:46 Rough Southern Ocean sailing - Abu Dhabi Ocean Race 03:46 - 03:55 Iceberg Detection Screen Grabs from the first Ice Limit Change and the second one (overnight) 03:5 - 04:10 Fleet approching Point Nemo, Ice Limits and MAPFRE leading ARCHIVE FOOTAGE 04:10 - 04:42 Iceberg Archive Footage from the first and second Whitbread Around the World Races
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