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It's a Doldrums lottery! Team Brunel, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Team Vestas Wind racing out the ITCZ*



Edited Package
00:00 Team Brunel GVs - fast sailing 00:06 Interview with Gerd-Jan Poortman (NED - Team Brunel) explaining the Doldrums with food bags 00:46 Abu Dhabi Ocean racing sailing with dolphins 00:56 Team SCA sailing shots 01:21 Interview with Will Oxley (AUS - Team Alvimedica) explaining the weather system 01:47 Team Alvimedica sailing shots 02:13 Team Alvimedica sailor up to the mast explaining weather pressure systems 02:54 MAPFRE - sailing shots with no wind 03:24 Interview with Xabi Fernandez (MAPFRE) about sailing with no wind 03:35 MAPFRE sailing shots 04:02 Dongfeng Race Team sailing with no wind 04:23 End
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