• 13-MAY-2012

  • SOURCE: Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Fleet Complete as Sanya Dock at Miami

Skipper Mike Sanderson said his team were leaving the damage and repairs that have hampered their 2011-12 campaign in their wake as his team prepared for a change of fortune:

"They say that there is nothing quite like slipping on your old slippers when you get home - - well I have to confess that over the last 24-hours I have had the same feeling about the wet weather pants.

Being back out ripping along on the mighty Sanya at 20-plus knots really does feel like "coming home". This feeling goes a long way to overcome many of the disappointments we have had in the boat. For sure she holds a big place in our hearts, she has always got us home safely albeit a bit broken at times.

Once again there are just so many people to thank for getting us back on the water, for sure


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