• 20-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race Weekly recap 3

After a huge send off from alicante, spain, the seven international teams taking part in the 2014-15 volvo ocean race have spent the last week sailing within sight of one another. First bragging rights went to the all-female squad aboard team sca, bold tactics putting them at the front of the pack leaving the mediterranean, just over a day and a half into the sixty-five hundred mile leg to cape town. "the big split happened between us and the rest of the fleet, we chose to approach from the north and the rest of the fleet chose to app from the south, the northerly route seemed safer and more obvious way to go so we stuck to our guns and left the rest of the fleet to it." (libby greenhalgh navigator, team sca) once in the atlantic, the fleet stretched west, in search of tradewinds that proved elusive, sending the yachts south, as one group, towards the african coast. It proved to be a baptism of fire, the yachts sailing into rough conditions, the reality of life onboard a vo65 starting to hit home. "it's really tough, when the boat is going to weather you just fall, it's quite intense and hard."Eric Peron

Dongfeng race team

"To do the volvo ocean race is still my dream, but after i got it realised it's not a real dream, it's not a beautiful dream, it's a nightmare."wolf - Jiru Yang

Dongfeng race team

"It's been a rough 24 hours .. I don't even know what day it is!"Peter Wibroe

Team vestas wind

The tough conditions take their toll on people as well as equipment, calling for some running repairs on brunel. "we didn't do anything, it just snapped, we were sialing in a straight line, a little weird."Gerd-Jard Poortman

Team brunel

But when living life at the extreme, keeping a sense of humour helps. "this is al's ocean diner, the only issue is i only seem to have eight customers a day which isn't great for revenue, so iv'e decided to put the price up on a couple of items like cappacino, which has gone from 3 euro to 4 euro now."Brian Carlin

Team vestas wind

Chinese entry dongfeng race team, move into the lead as the fleet move down the african coastline in search of wind. "it's good news for the team, we have to keep the lead, but it's good news to be able to do it."Charles Caudrelier

Skipper, dongfeng race team

"Today we can still see all of the boats even if some of them are really, really small, and nobody wants to take major risks because it's the first leg and all would like to see how they are going with the other boats."martin stromberg dongfeng race team "the boats are so even and e'thing is changing, it's crazy, we're surrounded by the whole fleet all of the time, it's really important to concentrate."Dave Swete

Team alvimedica

"The job of the navigator is very difficult because if you make a mistake everybody is pointing at you that you are pointing at you that you are going the wrong way so it's not so easy."nicolas lunvennavigator, mapfre

With nerves frayed from lack of sleep and the intense competition, a visit from the spanish navy provides a much-needed boost in morale. Six days into the leg and the teams are within sight of the african coast, waiting for wind that will help them head west. "normally by this stage you're really trying hard to work west, and make sure you're outside the c verdes but in this situation we're trying to squeeze along a narrow line right close to the coast."navigator, team alvimedica team sca pay dearly when they split from the fleet, ending up 30 miles behind the pack. "we've gone from hero to zero almost, as they say."Libby Greenhalgh

Navigator, team sca

Sca's problems go from bad to worse when they snag a fishing net, part of the risk when sailing close to any coast. Fishing boat with a net, and sailed into the middel of it, and somehow manged to get out of it quite easily, think we onlyh lost 15 minutes or something Stacey Jackson

Team sca

At the same time, bouwe bekking's team brunel had to send a swimmer into the water to dive down to clear a piece of rubber obstructing their keel. "we felt a little vibration on nte boat and could see the other boats slowly just edging away." Bouwe Bekking

Skipper, team brunel

While a sail that won't unfurl properly calls for acrobatics from the abu dhabi bow team.But the most serious incident occurred on chinese entry dongfeng race team, who lost their hard-won lead by snapping a rudder when they collided with a floating object. "i don't know what we have smashed but the rudder broke very clean." Kevin Escoffier

Bowman, dongfeng race team

But quick work keeps them in the game, the chinese using the cape verde islands to claim the lead once again as the fleet complete their first week at sea.


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