• 26-APR-2015

  • SOURCE: Volvo Ocean Race

Weekly Highlight N°21

After the fond farewell from Itajaí, the boats made their way to the south Atlantic to face Leg 6. Ahead of them, a 5,010 mile journey to Newport (USA) sailing close together with light winds from the start.

The fleet was heading east, staying ahead of a low-pressure front. Grouped closely together, the teams were looking for the best moment to tack north.

Despite the pleasant sailing conditions, some of the teams had some breakages on board. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing had to repair one of the outriggers and Team SCA had to deal with a problem with one of their winches.

After more than 6 month the fleet of the Volvo Ocean Race has officially circumnavigated the globe. They reached a point of the Atlantic Ocean that they had already passed in leg 1.

The fleet sailed upwind to the east neck and neck in 11 knots of wind with tricky clouds to deal with. The navigators had to choose the right moment to tack north taking advantage of the trade winds, up to the Brazilian coast.

The first one to tack was Team Alvimedica. They decided to sail closer to the coast. Meanwhile the rest of fleet stayed to port, sailing neck and neck waiting for the tack.

The fleet sailed close together trying not to make any mistakes. 12 knots of wind pushed the fleet to the next waypoint at the Brazilian coast. Team Brunel got the lowest wind speed with 7,9 knots and the Spanish team got the highest with 9,5 knots.

Two days after the fleet tacked to the north close to the Brazilian Coast, the easterly group overtook Team Alvimedica and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. Dongfeng Race Team is now the leader of the fleet followed by Team Brunel and MAPFRE.

The next step is to face the Doldrums before they cross the Equator and head to the North Atlantic ocean.


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