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Volvo Trucks –Animation: How Automatic Traction Control works



Edited Package: In this video, you see how the feature Automatic Traction Control works. Automatic Traction Control activates the drive on the front axle automatically when in motion, if the truck risks getting stuck.
VO: Today, most drivers activate the front wheel drive or diff lock before the terrain becomes difficult, in order to avoid a standstill. With Automatic Traction Control, the driver can benefit from better manoeuvrability, right up until the road conditions get worse. When the sensors on one of the rear wheels detects that it's starting to lose traction, the all wheel drive is instantly engaged. A dog clutch then transfers the power to the driven front axle and the truck can continue without dropping either torque or speed. The driven front axle then remains activated until the driver releases the gas pedal.
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