• 14-JAN-2013

  • SOURCE: Zurich

World Economic Forum Releases Global Risk Report 2013

Zurich has been a long-time supporter of the World Economic Forum, as a member for many years and a Strategic Partner since 2003. 'We are partners with the WEF because we strongly believe in its objective of identifying and discussing themes that shape the global agenda. We believe it is our responsibility, as a global organization, to support and contribute to these efforts. The WEF also provides a unique platform for our business leaders to learn the latest views and insights about the world most pressing issues, in addition to offering a peer-to-peer platform to discuss and address these topics with leaders from other global organizations.'

On January 8th 2013, the World Economic Forum released its Global Risk Report to which Zurich was one of the main contributors. At the press conference for this occasion, Group Chief Risk Officer Axel Lehmann represented Zurich and gave some insights to the report.

To learn more about the Global Risk Report watch Axel Lehmann's video.

The Global Risk Report as well as WEF's press release can also be downloaded.