• 13-FEB-2013

  • SOURCE: Zurich

Zurich Proposes Three Board Members for Re-Election

Zurich headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (Zurich) today announced that the Board of Directors proposes the re-election of Susan Bies, Victor L. L. Chu and Rolf Watter at this year's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 4, 2013. Susan Bies (U.S. citizen) is proposed for re-election for a three year term. As Rolf Watter (Swiss citizen) will reach the maximum term of office under Zurich's internal guidelines in 2014, he is proposed for re-election for a one year term. Victor L. L. Chu (British citizen) informed the Board that he will stand for re-election for a one year term.

In addition to the re-elections and as already announced in September 2012, the Board also proposes the election of Monica Mächler (Swiss citizen) to the Board of Directors. Armin Meyer, who has served the maximum tenure of office, will not stand for re-election.

Subject to the re-election and election of the members of the Board by the shareholders, the Board of Directors of Zurich will consist of the following members:

• Josef Ackermann, Chairman
• Tom de Swaan, Vice-Chairman
• Susan Bies
• Alison Carnwath
• Victor L.L. Chu
• Rafael del Pino
• Thomas K. Escher
• Fred Kindle
• Monica Mächler
• Don Nicolaisen
• Rolf Watter

The invitation to the AGM along with the Annual Report 2012 will be published on www.zurich.com on March 8, 2013.