• 13-JUN-2013

  • SOURCE: Zurich

Zurich's Global Community Week 2013

Zurich's Global Community Week 2013 - Lake Cleaning
One of the activities during the Global Community Week in Switzerland included cleaning up the Lake of Zurich – and what a task that proved to be! On June 8, 2013, volunteer divers and helpers from Zurich teamed up with the Swiss Environmental and Waste Divers (SUAT) to reach the goal: to clean up at least a part of the lake. Within five hours forty volunteers gathered over five tons of trash, such as: Among that: 5,000 bottles (including many champagne bottles), 2500 aluminum cans, a dozen bicycles, empty wallets, cell phones, clothes, sunglasses and many other items that do not belong in the lake. All this was found in an only 100 meter section. "It's frustrating. We could dive for another five days and still find litter", said one of the divers during the event.

It does seem that many find the like a useful garbage deposal – the divers even found a metal fence and a baggage trolley from the airport on the lake bed!