• 02-FEB-2017

  • SOURCE: CNH Industrial

How mechanization makes Brazil’s sugarcane harvest sustainable: the latest Top Stories installment on CNHIndustrial.com

Case IH sugarcane harvester and tractor at work in the field

Sugarcane farming in Brazil has undergone a revolution, with mechanization helping to catapult it into the 21st century, boost the rural economy and meet growing demand. Read all about it in the latest installment from CNHIndustrial.com’s Top Stories: cnhindustrial.com/Brazil_Sugar

The sugar industry has come a long way in forging a sustainable path in its global expansion through increased international cooperation, providing transparent statistics and taking a proactive approach to new machinery and technologies.

As the world’s largest sugarcane producer Brazil is leading the way in terms of industry mechanization with some 95% of the country’s cane production now harvested by machine helping to attract new workers to rural areas, cut pollution, increase productivity as well as protect biodiversity. 

“Brazil finds its sweet spot“, the latest Top Stories installment on CNHIndustrial.com, examines the country’s sugar success story. It also provides a case study from the Usina da Mata facility in the Sao Paolo region which has seen improved biodiversity and soil composition, and the use of less water since its transition to 100% mechanization in 2014. Delivering some 2.5m tons of sugarcane annually, the farm ustres harvesters, tractors, graders, loaders, excavators and trucks, which are all supplied by CNH Industrial brands. 

Case IH, a brand of CNH Industrial, is Brazil’s foremost supplier of sugarcane harvesters. 

Read the full story at: cnhindustrial.com/Brazil_Sugar

London, February 2, 2017