Every business needs a content strategy. One that involves knowing your audience and then growing it. One that involves commissioning and creating regular content that’s relevant to your audience. On top of that, you’ll need a plan to distribute your content and to get your voice heard. It’s definitely not easy and success is not always guaranteed. But there’s help at hand…

We offer:

  • Developing a content and audio-visual strategy for your organisation
  • Advice on how to curate content effectively
  • Screening of existing content and evaluation of the usability in various areas of communication
  • Seminars on storytelling, production preparation, rights management, international distribution tools etc
  • Training regarding the production of content, which can be reused for different purposes
  • Editorial advice. How to package content to make it interesting for journalists and their target audience
  • Workshops on the different types of content and their relevance to the different channels (TV, online), including social media