Video is big, and that is an understatement. YouTube, one of the biggest video publishing platforms in the world, has over a billion users. That is approximately one third of the Internet*.

The rise of YouTube and the growth of video have brought about a new kind of influencer. One of the most popular types of video on YouTube is Vlogs, short for Video Blogs, and the people behind them refer to themselves as Vloggers. Vlogging is in essence about filming yourself – discussing topics, showing the viewer a day in your life, filming your travel experiences. This might not sound that exciting, but some of the most popular vloggers have millions of subscribers – and vloggers have quickly become the new celebrity influencers of our time. This is something that brands should tap into, and some already have for a long time.

An example is Nike who a couple of years ago collaborated with famous YouTube personality Casey Neistat to make a video on the topic #Makeitcount. This video has over 22 million views on YouTube.


Some of the top vloggers recently shared their tips on vlogging and brand collaborations at a panel discussion at the World Travel Market in London. The Vloggers included Laura Bubble, Hannah Witton, Evan Edinger and Shu.


Here are a few tips for brands looking to create video content and collaborate with vloggers:

Tell a story

One of the reasons why vloggers are popular is because they are genuine, and it is essential for brands to keep this feeling in the collaboration. Viewers want you to tell a story and create an emotional connection with them – show an experience, don’t sell it.


Fit is important

Just like when looking to collaborate with any celebrity, athlete or influencer – the fit between the brand and the person is vital. What kind of content does the influencer already create – will the collaboration seem genuine to their audience? How well do your personalities match? What kind of audience does the influencer have – and what kind of audience does the brand want to reach?


Timing is everything

When creating any kind of video or campaign, timing is everything. Brands need to know what events are happening in the world, and collaborating with vloggers to highlight both your brand and a big event could boost reach and brand awareness.


Include a call to action

Brands should know why they are collaborating with influencers, what do you want to gain from the collaboration? For this reason, it is important to include some kind of call to action in the video to be able to measure engagement, impact and success. This could be visit a website, interact with the brand on social media through a hashtag or sign up to a service – anything that can be measured. What key metrics a brand chooses to use is up to the brand, and depends on the aim of the collaboration.


Be prepared to give up (some) creative control

Vloggers are creative, and they know their audiences the best. When looking to collaborate with vloggers, brands need to be prepared to give up some creative control of the content – and let Vloggers do what they do best.