adidas is a leader amongst brands who are becoming publishers, creating thought provoking, innovative and engaging content. In 2014, adidas re-launched the adidas NEWS STREAM, leveraging responsive web design to create a mobile optimised destination site for their brand content and making it available to fans, journalists, bloggers, customers and influencers looking to share and download.

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Users can visit a global site or choose one of 18 country editions.  Simple navigation, and layouts to showcase news, multimedia, athletes and brand ambassadors, products and events makes it easy for users to  view, share and download content across any device, anywhere.  The content management system also enables adidas to cross-post stories to, giving the brand access to TheNewsMarket’s global network of  news organisations.


Since launch, the adidas NEWS STREAM has seen a 10 fold increase in journalist engagement. In 2014, adidas was recognised as the leading brand during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and since, continues to see an uplift in results year on year.  In 2015 the site saw more than a 30% increase in traffic  and almost a  20% increase in downloads when compared to previous years.