Each day, charities and NGOs carry out important work on a broad range of issues. Whether it’s poverty alleviation, human rights, social justice, mental health, disease awareness or environmental conservation, to be successful, charitable and non-profit organisations must have an effective communications strategy in place to leverage media engagement, raise awareness and generate funds.

More and more companies are also looking to launch and manage important corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In recent years, brands from a wide range of industries have been able to yield remarkable efforts through unique CSR campaigns, touching the lives of people and communities around the world.

Overcoming Business Challenges

TheNewsMarket understands how to maximise media engagement and assists organisations to stay on the front foot with effective communications and content distribution. TheNewsMarket assists charities, NGOs and companies with CSR initiatives to overcome the following business challenges:

  • Raise awareness and increase media coverage
  • Activate campaigns
  • Enhance online presence
  • Target the most relevant content to the most appropriate journalist audiences
  • Distribute content directly to the media
  • Leverage media engagement around world days and international observances
  • React to new developments and quickly communicate breaking news and important messages to the media and public
  • Amplify content and key messages to reach new audiences
  • Enrich content production




Content Distribution Platform

TheNewsMarket’s content distribution platform,, is an online news site which features stories and multimedia content that is topical, newsworthy and free for journalists to view, share and download. The platform is used by a global network of 36,000 registered media outlets across 180 countries. For many journalists, the CHARITY & NON-PROFIT section of the platform has become an important source for news and updates on charities, non-profits and CSR initiatives. Content on the distribution hub is also shared through various social media channels and journalists can sign up to email alerts so they don’t miss out on important content.

Building and Hosting Online Newsrooms

TheNewsMarket can build and host a bespoke online newsroom for a specific brand, initiative or organisation. The award winning newsroom platform creates the perfect user experience for journalists and influencers to access and utilise brand content. All newsrooms come mobile optimised with state-of-the-art press kit and media cart tools, enabling content to be viewed and shared faster than ever, from anywhere, on any device.

Content Ideation and Video Production

TheNewsMarket are experienced in creating video packages for a range of different media audiences. Knowledgeable in-house experts can contribute to the creation of content and offer advice on how best to target different audiences with different styles of content. Whether it’s b-roll and soundbites for TV broadcasters or promotional videos for social media, the production team knows how best to create effective and engaging video content.

Media Relations

A dedicated media relations team with a built up network of journalist contacts can set aside time to pitch specific stories to ensure press coverage and greater media exposure. The media relations team are also well versed in arranging and coordinating satellite media tours at world events, where brand and organisation representatives are interviewed by the top media outlets in the world.


Case Studies

World Water Week

World Water Week, organised by SIWI, gathers every year leaders from politics, science, business and organisations from all over the world to discuss water issues.

TheNewsMarket helped raise awareness around water issues discussed during the event by reaching out to key influencers such as news outlets (TV broadcasters, online news, print), consumers and governments/law makers.

During World Water Week, we have supported brands, NGOs and Governments by working with them to define an effective audiovisual and broadcast communication strategy and generate coverage with tier-1 international media. Our work included:

  • Creating content and filming interviews with key spokespeople in various languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Danish and Arabic
  • Supporting the publication of Video News Releases to a network of 36,000+ news outlets in 190 countries via and our Environment Channel
  • Securing and coordinating live interviews with news outlets including BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, DW, etc.
  • Supporting news agencies such as ANP, adnkronos, AFP, AP and Reuters with provision of b-rolls, soundbites and edited videos
  • Providing multi-lingual media relations from our teams in Europe and the US ahead of the opening of World Water Week, as well as during and after the event

Sample World Water Week coverage generated by our teams:


The African Development Bank at COP21


The African Development Bank (AfDB) is a multilateral international organisation which promotes the economic development and social progress of countries in Africa. COP21, the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, was held in Paris between 30 November and 12 December 2015. The conference was held to reach an international agreement on the reduction of climate change and was attended by over 25,000 official delegates from NGOs, UN agencies, government and intergovernmental organisations. The African Development Bank were in attendance to represent African interests at COP21 and raise awareness of the issues facing Africa as a result of global warming and carbon emissions.

TheNewsMarket were commissioned to raise awareness of the African Development Bank’s activities at COP21 and increase the distribution of their key messages surrounding energy, the environment and global warming. TheNewsMarket distributed the AfDB’s COP21 content on their content distribution platform,, and created a dedicated COP21 content page, giving journalists a single online destination to find relevant content from the conference. Throughout the event, stories were also distributed to journalists via targeted email alerts and social media feeds. TheNewsMarket’s media relations team also pitched AfDB stories to their global journalist network, with a special focus on news outlets in Africa.


Rotary International


Rotary International is a non-profit organisation which works to bring business and professional leaders together to provide humanitarian services and advance goodwill and peace worldwide. Rotary leads and contributes to a large number of different humanitarian projects such as the global eradication of polio, literacy programmes for underprivileged children and earthquake relief campaigns. To multiply the impact of its work, Rotary also cooperates with a variety of other global humanitarian organisations such as ShelterBox, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation.

Rotary International utilises TheNewsMarket’s content distribution and media relations services to raise awareness of ongoing campaigns and enhance the organisation’s online media presence. TheNewsMarket have created a co-branded page for Rotary content, giving the media a single online destination to source stories from Rotary and keep up-to-date with the organisation’s developments.



FIFA – Football for Hope


‘Football for Hope’ is a FIFA CSR initiative which aims to improve the lives and prospects of young people around the world by using the power of football as a tool for social development. The initiative aims to break down barriers to social development, education and health awareness and provides funding, equipment and training to other like-minded organisations.

With the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil in 2014, FIFA wanted to expand the reach of Football for Hope and strengthen its presence in Brazil. During the World Cup, FIFA organised a 2014 Football for Hope Festival in the district of Caju, Rio de Janeiro, and utilised TheNewsMarket’s content distribution platform and media relations service to raise awareness, distribute stories directly to journalists, and maximise media engagement around the event and initiative.


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