TheNewsMarket has a 17 year history of delivering exceptional results for our automotive clients at Motor Shows, and this year’s Geneva Motor Show was no exception. Through our extensive experience and highly skilled teams, we are able to implement successful media activation programmes – combining knowledge of the media landscape, established news networks, technology, content expertise and broadcasting capabilities.

How do we do it?

Access to a dedicated team of experts in their fields

An important element in the success of our programmes is team work. As part of each project, TheNewsMarket pulls together a dedicated team to work alongside a client – depending on goals and requirements. This team is formed of experts in their own fields and support our clients before, during and after each motor shows – from content consultancy (TheNewsAcademy), to planning, execution and reporting.

During the 2017 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS 2017), TheNewsMarket was onsite with a crew of 22 people delivering media relations, live broadcast, production and content distribution:

Reach new media audiences outside of traditional motor press via targeted media relations

TheNewsMarket’s media relations team have built up a global network of journalists and pitch specific stories from automotive brands to new media audiences outside of the usual automotive trade press. We are able to facilitate press coverage and provide greater media exposure into new segments and audiences. TheNewsMarket have a long history of helping brands hit new media audiences with a diverse international and multilingual media team. For Motor Shows, our media relations team not only pitch related stories but also schedule and coordinate satellite media tours (SMT), where brand representatives are interviewed by the top media outlets in the world.

Guarantee coverage via Satellite Media Tours / live broadcast

For GIMS 2017, TheNewsMarket booked and coordinated more than 40 media interviews with top news outlets such as Sky News, CNN, BBC News, Xinhua News, CNBC, Bloomberg, AP, DPA, NDTV, Deutsche Welle, and Reuters. New angles and key topics discussed were as varied as new car designs, new car technologies, new markets and sales performances, and of course the unveiling of new vehicles.


Enrich video content production & 4K Filming

TheNewsMarket is expert in producing video for media and consumer audiences. We offer the best advice on how to target an interest group with the most relevant style of content. We film anywhere in the world. Whether it is live events, shareable videos for social or b-roll and soundbites for TV broadcasters, our in-house experts create effective content for you to tell engaging stories to your preferred audience.

For GIMS 2017, our production team filmed and created 4K videos – enabling our clients to be innovative and to offer content in the best quality possible. This is especially true for a brand like Lamborghini as they unveiled the new Huracán Performante.

Despite its relatively young presence on the consumer electronics market and media landscape, the impact of 4K is growing month by month. The new resolution format itself is slowly starting to remake perceptions of where the entire visual media industry will be going over the next few years. We are seeing this happen in ways that involve major media broadcasters, internet service providers, streaming media providers on the web and the film production industry. Brands who are able to offer content in 4K will definitely have an edge over their competitors.

Increase content distribution and maximise event ROI

Our extensive network of 36,000+ local, national and international news outlets in 190 countries ensure the best results for each Motor Show. All the content from Geneva is made available on TheNewsMarket’s dedicated automotive channel  and on our  2017 Geneva Motor Show channel where automotive companies gain exclusive access to the media.

Our Automotive Channel is a very active channel, currently with:

In addition, content was also distributed and made available to influencers via dedicated online newsrooms we build for each brands.

GIMS 2017 channel

Kia Global Media Center

Lamborghini Media Center









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