Getting the right balance between marketing and editorial content is a major challenge for brands. On the one hand, they want a return on their investment. On the other, they know that any content commissioned and created has to be editorially strong or viewers tend not to engage. We believe that PwC in Davos got it spot on this year (with a little help from its content partners at TheNewsMarket).

The Challenge

According to Claudia Bucello, Senior Account Manager at TheNewsMarket: “The challenge this year was to create a news-style show for our client PwC which was launching its 20th Global CEO Survey to the world’s media on the eve of the World Economic Forum in January. The show needed to be slick and professional and it needed to be as editorially strong as a news programme on any of the established media outlets.”

So the pressure was on and the deadline was fairly tight. But this is when TheNewsMarket’s news-trained experts came into their own….

“The first thing that we did was create a rundown, just like a TV news producer. Then we added in the possible videos that we thought were necessary to produce a really strong show. The timing also had to be correct as it was playing out just before a live press conference from PwC’s Global Chairman who would be presenting the findings of this year’s survey”, says Keely Valentine, TheNewsMarket’s Production Manager.

Booking a Presenter

The next step was to book a presenter; one with the winning combination of charisma and credibility. Adrian Smith, Executive Producer, was given the task. “We offered PwC a range of different presenters but they quickly settled on our favourite, Dharshini David. Dharshini is a former Sky News and BBC business presenter. She also worked at HSBC. So she had the business background that was ideal for this project.” The decision proved to be a good one. Dharshini was filmed at our studio in central London in front of green screen and she excelled at the job. She was also a joy to work with.

The Delivery

The next task was to pull the whole show together. With the deadline fast approaching, we produced a series of videos including a compilation of soundbites from CEOs from around the world, an animation that included facts and figures about Davos itself and interviews with senior PwC experts. We then edited all of the content together to create a seamless programme that offered real editorial value to the viewers.

“The show was due to play out from our outside broadcast facility in Davos. So we had to get it to them in good time. Thankfully all of the content got approved by the client and it all came together fairly quickly”, says Claudia. “I then travelled over to Davos to make sure that the team on the ground was fully prepared for the event.”

There were a few nervous moments on the day, but the show played out on cue and the client was extremely happy with what the whole team had delivered. We think it’s a great example of how TV journalists can work hand in hand with marketing professionals to create and deliver content that fits the brief and is fit to grace the screens of any of the world’s major broadcasters. Our thoughts are already turning to how we can up the game for next year’s Davos!


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