NASCAR is one of the most exciting auto racing in the world. Born in 1947, it has grown to become the premier motorsports organization. NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 39 of the 50 US states as well as in Canada.

With the aim of capitalizing on the great momentum races generate, but also continuing to grow its fan base, it is crucial for NASCAR to consistently provide exclusive content to the media especially before, during and after every races including Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, Coca-Cola 600, Ford 400, and Chevy Rock & Roll 400.

Transforming NASCAR’s static press site into a rich engaging broadcast room

When we first approached NASCAR, they already had an existing press site but their platform did not support broadcast-quality video files nor did it have any download capabilities – which was an issue when trying to reach out to TV broadcasters and online news outlets across the world.

Our challenge was to turn NASCAR’s static site into a rich engaging experience.

Facilitating strong relationships with the media

Not having content readily available for journalists to use before or after a race was counterproductive and in an effort to help NASCAR facilitate strong relationships with the media, TheNewsMarket deployed a solution – an All Media Panel (an enhanced player) – that would allow NASCAR to:

  • Target mainstream media and TV broadcasters
  • Support the frequent upload and download of HD video files
  • Automate file conversions to worldwide video formats
  • Provide content to journalists and other influencers very quickly

The All Media Panel is an ideal addition to an already existing press site as it allows video to be easily deployed — turning a static experience into the rich engaging opportunity NASCAR was looking for.


NASCAR’s player is among TheNewsMarket’s standalone “embed” solution. The solution has a simple approach to video sharing and embedding – making it super easy for users to download, embed and share content on social media.

Measuring media engagement and ROI

The solution deployed also provides NASCAR with enhanced engagement data including:

  • Capturing download data and key metrics
  • Monitoring and assessing media and content ROI

NASCAR digital and social media numbers continue to grow in 2016-2017

In a recent media interview, NASCAR revealed that overall in 2016, they drew 256 million social engagements across all their digital platforms, an 87% increase year-over-year, and a massive increase of video content views. The Daytona 500 itself saw a 63% increase in race day impressions, while engagement with NASCAR content tripled.

These are the results of a multi channel content distribution strategy, which includes the deployment of digital platforms such as the NASCAR press site and the AMP.

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