With more than 236,000 people in 158 countries, PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world.

For PwC, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is an opportunity to join the global conversation as a thought leader. TheNewsMarket has worked with PwC for several years to launch their Annual Global CEO Survey, an event which has established itself as one of the highlights of Davos.

This year’s event was re-thought and re-energized, including a live show with PwC’s Chairman Bob Moritz and well-known business reporter Dharshini David, resulting in substantially increased viewership and engagement.

The challenge

Increase share of voice, awareness and visibility of the survey, as well as the engagement with both onsite and offsite audiences.

The strategy

The 2018 event saw the replacement of a traditional press conference format, which was ideal for onsite audience, with a conversational-type Q&A which lend itself to a TV audience, without disrupting the journalists who came to the event.

The tactics

  1. Production of engaging visual content through broadcast, live streaming and social videos
  • Pre-Recorded Magazine Show: a pre-recorded TV show was produced to give both onsite and online users a deeper insight into the survey content
  • Live Show: instead of a presentation by PwC’s Chairman Bob Moritz alone, the new format became an engaging Q&A, led by a professional TV business presenter sourced by TheNewsMarket – in front of a live audience of journalists and streamed live via webcast. A giant video wall turned the Belvedere Hotel venue into a TV-studio feel
  • Social and influencers: packages of content localized by market and theme were published on social and made available to media and commentators
  1. Multi-channel strategy

The show was broadcasted on PwC’s websites, social channels and news services:

The outcome

This year, thanks to the new proposed format, viewership of the live programme increased 800% and the replay of the webcast registered 250,000+ views within the first week. Social content reached 155,000 views and over 200 retweets in the first week alone.


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