The sports sector is one of the biggest industries in the world and continues to grow year on year. The global appeal of annual sporting events such as Formula 1, the English Premier League and the NBA, attracts multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and record breaking TV contracts. Sports stars become household names whilst domestic teams become global brands with international fan bases.

Such is the global appeal of major sporting occasions, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics, companies will now seek to secure sponsorship deals decades in advance to leverage media interest. Even companies from other industries, such as banking, insurance, fashion and luxury, are now regularly seeking to become more involved in the sports sector and distribute sports related content. The potential for customer and media engagement through sports has never been stronger and is growing all the time.

Overcoming Business Challenges

TheNewsMarket works with some of the biggest sports brands in the world, including Puma, adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Fila and Gatorade. We recognise the importance of effective communications and content distribution for companies working within the sports industry, as well as companies looking to become more involved in this sector. TheNewsMarket assists companies overcome the following business challenges:

  • Maximise media engagement
  • Plan ahead for and capitalise on major sporting events
  • Optimise sponsorship activation and maximise ROI
  • Amplify brand content distribution to reach new media audiences
  • Enhance online presence
  • Enrich content production
  • Effectively tell the brand’s story and connection to a given sport



Content Distribution Platform

TheNewsMarket’s content distribution platform, www.thenewsmarket.com, is an online news site which features stories and multimedia content that is topical, newsworthy and free for journalists to view, share and download. The platform is used by a global network of 36,000 registered media outlets across 180 countries. TheNewsMarket currently distribute content for some of the biggest sports brands in the world and the SPORTS SECTION of the platform is an important resource for journalists looking for up-to-date sports news. Stories on the distribution hub are also shared through various social media channels and journalists can sign up to email alerts so they don’t miss out on important sports content.

Building and Hosting Online Newsrooms

TheNewsMarket have built and currently host bespoke online newsrooms for many leading sports brands, including: Reebok, Puma, adidas, New Balance, Fila, Gatorade and NASCAR. The award winning newsroom platform creates the perfect user experience for journalists and influencers to access and utilise brand content. All newsrooms come mobile optimised with state-of-the-art press kit and media cart tools, enabling content to be viewed and shared faster than ever, from anywhere, on any device.

Content Ideation and Video Production

TheNewsMarket are experienced in creating video packages for a range of different media audiences. Knowledgeable in-house experts can contribute to the creation of content and offer advice on how best to target different audiences with different styles of content. Whether it’s b-roll and soundbites for TV broadcasters or promotional videos for social media, the production team knows how best to create effective and engaging video content.

Media Relations

A dedicated media relations team with a built up network of journalist contacts can set aside time to pitch specific stories to ensure press coverage and greater media exposure. The media relations team are also well versed in arranging and coordinating satellite media tours at world events, where brand representatives are interviewed by the top media outlets in the world.


Case Studies



As a leading global sports brand, adidas regularly produce fresh content on brand campaigns, upcoming events and new products. TheNewsMarket created an online news stream for adidas so that new content can be quickly and easily accessed by a wider media audience. The news stream reaches 75 countries across the world and is accessible via the ‘press’ link on the home page of www.adidas.com. In addition to the global news stream, TheNewsMarket have also created 18 bespoke country sites for adidas, so that these sites can be populated with country specific content.

The site is designed to be as convenient and user friendly as possible. The site is mobile optimised for any device and has responsive design, meaning it will automatically adjust to the width of the user’s browser. Each story is arranged into a ‘press kit’, placing all the associated multimedia assets on the same screen. The ‘media cart tool’ allows journalists to pick and choose their desired content, store it in one place, and share assets with anyone at the click of a mouse.


adidas stream

London 2012 Olympics 

London 2012 Olympics


Procter & Gamble

As an official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics, Procter & Gamble opened a ‘P&G Family Home’ for the loved ones of Olympians at the games. The Family Home offered loved ones a place to relax and unwind during the games and was part of P&G’s Olympic ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign. With a crew of 50 people on site, over 19 days, TheNewsMarket were responsible for filming and editing over 450 hours of emotional content from the Family Home to be used by various P&G teams and media outlets. Content included interviews with family members, press conferences and live interviews with brand ambassadors. TheNewsMarket also placed a number of live web feeds from the Family Home with media outlets.


LOCOG (The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) were responsible for overseeing the planning and development of the London 2012 Games. In the build up and over the course of the games, LOCOG utilised TheNewsMarket’s state-of-the-art online newsroom technology and content distribution services to make large volumes of footage quickly and securely available to media outlets around the world. The priority was to provide a fast, reliable and secure platform capable of supporting the high user traffic and large number of content uploads and media downloads.

London & Partners

As the official promotional company for the city of London, London & Partners works to maintain and strengthen London’s position as one the most popular business and tourist destinations in the world. London & Partners wanted to capitalise on the excitement and media attention surrounding London during the 2012 Olympic Games. Consequently, London & Partners distributed a large volume of content during the Olympic period and used TheNewsMarket to increase distribution and maximise media engagement. TheNewsMarket were also responsible for building and hosting a dedicated online newsroom, the ‘London media centre’.


Brazil 2014 

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup


In the lead up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and over the course of the tournament itself, FIFA and official sponsors used TheNewsMarket to increase content distribution and amplify brand stories in the media. Two years prior to the tournament, TheNewsMarket worked with FIFA and official sponsors, such as adidas and KIA, to put together media plans, set out communications objectives and identify different target audiences. As the tournament approached, TheNewsMarket launched a dedicated FIFA content page and a dedicated Brazil World Cup channel on thenewsmarket.com. The media relations team also assisted in pitching specific stories to journalists around the world, with one of TheNewsMarket’s account managers on site in Rio to support content publishing and distribution.



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