The travel and leisure industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. In recent years the industry has made annual contributions as high as 7.58 trillion dollars to the global economy.  With the increased accessibility of international travel, the tourism industry has seen a boom in recent years. The number of international arrivals increased from 525 million in 2005 to over 1.2 billion in 2015. Year on year increases suggest the rapid growth is set to continue, with experts predicting international arrivals will exceed 1.8 billion by 2030.

As the industry has grown, it has also become more competitive. Each year the competition between different tourist destinations, travel agents, hotels and airlines gets fiercer as they adapt to the ever increasingly tough marketplace.  Adopting an effective communications strategy is no longer a choice, but a necessity. To survive and succeed in today’s tough marketplace, companies need to fully engage with the media and find a way to tell their story in the most effective way.

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Overcoming Business Challenges

TheNewsMarket specialises in helping brands get ahead of the competition and stay on the front foot with effective communications and content distribution. TheNewsMarket assists companies from the travel industry overcome the following business challenges:

  • Maximise media engagement
  • Hit media outside of the traditional travel and tourism publishers
  • Increase content distribution and maximise ROI
  • Amplify brand content to reach new audiences and attract tourists from a broader catchment area
  • Enhance online presence
  • Enrich the production of content
  • Effectively tell the brand’s story



Content Distribution Platform

TheNewsMarket’s content distribution platform,, is an online news site which features stories and multimedia content that is topical, newsworthy and free for journalists to view, share and download. The platform is used by a global network of 36,000 registered media outlets across 180 countries. For many journalists, the TRAVEL AND LEISURE  section of the platform is fast becoming the first port of call for fresh news from the tourism industry. Content on the distribution hub is also shared through various social media channels and journalists can sign up to email alerts so they don’t miss out on important travel content.

Building and Hosting Online Newsrooms

TheNewsMarket can build and host a bespoke online newsroom for a specific brand. The award winning newsroom platform creates the perfect user experience for journalists and influencers to access and utilise brand content. All newsrooms come mobile optimised with state-of-the-art press kit and media cart tools, enabling content to be viewed and shared faster than ever, from anywhere, on any device.

Content Ideation and Video Production

 TheNewsMarket are experienced in creating video packages for a range of different media audiences. Knowledgeable in-house experts can contribute to the creation of content and offer advice on how best to target different audiences with different styles of content. Whether it’s b-roll and soundbites for TV broadcasters or promotional videos for social media, the production team knows how best to create effective and engaging video content.

Media Relations

A dedicated media relations team with a built up network of journalist contacts can set aside time to pitch specific stories to ensure press coverage and greater media exposure. The media relations team are also well versed in arranging and coordinating satellite media tours at world events, where brand representatives are interviewed by the top media outlets in the world.


Case Studies

 LVCVA Online Newsroom


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is the official marketing organisation of Las Vegas. The LVCVA promotes tourism, conventions, meetings and special events in Vegas and aims to extend the city’s influence as a leader in tourism and hospitality.

The TheNewsMarket designed and built a newsroom for the LVCVA to enhance the brand’s online presence and provide media professionals with an open, user friendly and convenient access point for Las Vegas content. Content is curated into subsections such as ‘events’, ‘news releases’, ‘ad campaigns’ and ‘images and videos’ to make navigation as efficient and user friendly as possible. The site is mobile optimised and utilises the state-of-the-art media cart tool and press kit function.

The LVCVA on their newsroom:

“We are delighted with the new platform and the results  since it was  launched last year. The open format means we have been  able to share our content with a far  larger audience  of news media  than was previously possible.  Anyone can now easily navigate around the press site, pick and choose their desired content and quickly  share it with their contacts using  the  practical and user-friendly media cart tool. The outcome  is that  our multimedia  assets can be  seen by greater numbers all over world.” 



London & Partners

London - Palace of Westminster, UK

As the official promotional company for the city of London, London & Partners aims to build the cities’ international reputation, secure investment and grow the volume and value of inbound leisure and business tourism. By working closely with a number of local and international organisations, London & Partners aims to maintain and strengthen London’s position as one of the most popular visitor destinations in the world.

London & Partners utilise TheNewsMarket’s content distribution services to further enhance their international outreach and global online presence. The organisation’s content is regularly published on TheNewsMarket’s content distribution platform,, and distributed to selected journalists through email alerts and social media feeds. TheNewsMarket were also responsible for creating a media centre for London & Partners to host and distribute content during the London 2012 Olympics.


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