Volvo Trucks Viral Video Campaign

When Volvo Trucks produced and released four social media videos as part of their ‘Live Test’ campaign (which has already previously featured ‘The Ballerina’), they turned to TheNewsMarket to help with media activation.


The four new videos, all involving Volvo Trucks, featured a hamster driving a truck and Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD) doing the splits between two reversing trucks. The campaigns were exciting and never-done-before, Volvo wanted the world to talk about these videos and get as much coverage of their brand as possible.

We needed to achieve maximum PR value and amplify media exposure as much as possible. TheNewsMarket was tasked to also reach specialised as well as mainstream news outlets. We helped to craft a desirable Editorial angle to ensure no media missed the story.


TheNewsMarket worked with Volvo Trucks to distribute and promote behind-the-scenes (BTS) and feature videos via a multi-channel distribution strategy and global media outreach plan.

The campaign was two-fold. To ensure maximum media coverage, the BTS and feature videos were both offered for download, preview, embed on Designated media were alerted to the new Volvo Trucks video by email alerts and multiple real-time content alerts across our social media channels.

Our media relations team pitched the stories to targeted media sources. They used relevant angles to ensure the story was getting to correct media. The videos were translated in a business story, a trade media story, an entertainment piece and finally, a news piece.


  • Over 360 Global Tier 1 broadcasters including CNBC, Yahoo, ITN, Bloomberg, Reuters, Al Jazeera, France24, TFI, Euronews, itv, CANAL+, to name a few, requested the videos created by Volvo Trucks
  • The crafting of pitch to media illustrates the expertise of our Media Relations team. They facilitating the huge amplification of these four videos and as a result, Volvo Trucks reaped huge benefits from the resultant media coverage. The whole world heard about this campaign and we helped amplify it.
  • To date, the Volvo Trucks JCVD Epic Split Video on YouTube has had over 71 Million views. Watch it here
  • According to Volvo Trucks, the estimated earned media value from the “live test” campaign was Euro 128 million (£6.1 million). (source: