After launching FILA NewsMarket (FNM) in 2015, Kelly Funke, FILA USA’s VP of Marketing wanted to build on their success in making their content easily available and accessible.


TheNewsMarket looked into ways to expand the platform and tap into their social media feeds and user-generated content (UGC). The goal was to strategically connect their global franchisee brand network by leveraging the audience and reach of their online newsroom platform.

Instead of just linking to several different social media feeds, TheNewsMarket created a content ecosystem to where FILA could monitor and curate all relevant social conversations – increasing brand engagement by exposing audiences to a combination of user created product videos and professional content.


The result was the launch of FILA Buzz, a fully integrated social hub enabling FILA to pull in content from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and display posts from fans and influencers directly on their newsroom.

FILA Creates a ‘Buzz’ with New Social Feed Integration

With Buzz, FILA has 40 different channels (across various countries and languages) from which to collect content – helping the brand further promote localized stories and offering a richer, personalized user experience.

FILA Social Media Channels

FILA now has a quick and simple process to curate social media and UGC content for their brands in one place, giving them more creative options and control than ever before.


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