Evolving IKEA’s content distribution strategy

IKEA has been on a journey with its content and distribution strategy over the past few years. The launch of the IKEA online newsroom in 2016 means that the brand can now not only showcase and share its stories but also make this compelling content available to use by journalists, fans and influencers.

The IKEA Newsroom

IKEA Newsroom

TheNewsMarket created an online newsroom, the IKEA Content Room that engineers a ‘behind the scenes’ composition to the brand – focused on its people, collaborations and processes. The Content Room also features IKEA’s insights and views on topics such as safety, CSR and sustainability.

It showcases the brand’s knowledge of and interest in people’s and suppliers’ lives and how that tied into its range.

IKEA Sustainability Programme

Did you know?

The site went live in time for the Democratic Design Day on the 8th June 2016 – where 300 journalists were invited to Älmhult to get an insight into the Range and Supply. The launch of the newsroom was extremely successful and the site continues to attract significant visitor traffic and downloads.

You can visit the IKEA Newsroom here.