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Launching - Setup for yournewsmarket and yournewsmarket Plus platforms is under 2 weeks. yournewsmarket Enterprise platforms are designed and launched depending on customisation - typically a minimum of 4 weeks and we can provide a yournewsmarket Plus site as an interim solution.
Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Varies depending on customisation.


DIY Content Management - Your team will have access to our state of the art Content Management System which allows you to Create, Edit, Publish and Remove content on your site. It features built-in Video Processing, Image Cropping and up-to-date Analytics.
24/7 Support Team - Our Global Team is always there to support you! Whether it be with content uploads, changes to yournewsmarket, questions about the platform or anything else you need. Any time of day. Any day of the week.
Responsive Design - yournewsmarket is built with the latest technology including Responsive Web Design which adjusts everything on the page to fit the screen you’re using. Our HTML 5 Media Panels play on all the major Operating Systems. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, we’re there.
Language Support - We work around the world and so do you! You need your site to be in the language your customers speak, and we’ve got it covered. Need more than one language? Check out our Enterprise product and add as many as you need.
1 Language
1 Language
Multiple Languages
IP Redirect - Redirect your visitors to the correct language or country site based on their IP address when they visit the site for the first time.
Custom Look and Feel - Your brand is important! yournewsmarket supports brand protection by incorporating your name and logo into the site. Want to go with a seamless look and feel to match your existing web properties or branding? Check out Enterprise and we’ll design a custom site just for you..
Custom fonts and colors with a custom look and feel
Custom Names for Sections and Filters - yournewsmarket is here to support your needs, if you have custom names for Sections and Filters we’ll incorporate them into the site for the best possible fit for your brand.
Rotator Panel - Your most important content deserves to have top billing. Highlight your favorite stories in the Rotator Panel at the top of the landing page to increase exposure.
About Us Text - Tell the world a little about your brand right on the landing page. Make it easy for your audience to learn more.
Default Story Layout - Optimised for video playback this layout includes a carousel that holds all of your content right at the top of the page. All of our Story Layouts support Video, Images, Audio, Documents, Links, Social Media and unlimited Description text.
News Story Layout - Perfect for highlighting an image and your story text, the News Story Layout lists your multimedia assets individually but still offers easy download, preview, share and Media Cart functionality.
Biography Story Layout - This Layout is designed for a person’s Biography with an image, their title and text. Like any other layout it can also hold any Multimedia Content you want to include.
Event Story Layout - Prominently display dates and locations with this Event Story Layout.
Product Story Layout - Some content never expires, the Product Story Layout doesn’t include a date and shows evergreen content in the context it was meant to be seen.


Fast Streaming Video - We do all the heavy lifting to provide your video in every format your audience needs. Our streaming files are compatible with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile players and combine small size with high quality.
Secure Self Publishing - Video and Images can require a lot of work, with our Content Management System your staff can easily manage your files, and we’ll do all the processing to make sure you have everything you need to Publish.
Custom Content Set-up - We know what it feels like to have more content than you know what to do with! Don’t worry, we know what to do. We’ll work with you to import your entire library of content as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Broadcast Quality Video - In today’s market high quality source material goes far. We support HD and SD broadcast quality video and delivery quickly to your audience
Print Quality Images - Images that look great on screen don’t always translate to paper. We support your audience with downloadable Print Quality Images.
Broadcast Quality Audio - High-quality, fast downloading Audio is a great resource for Radio, Podcasts and Music.
Documents - PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, we support it all. Use press releases and documents to support your Multimedia Content and push your brand further.

Navigation and Information Architecture

News Section - Your brand’s news is important, let your audience know what you’re up to, the awards you’re winning, the strides you’re making.
Images & Video Section - Some users want to see everything at once. Our Images & Video Section displays all of your Multimedia Content in one continuous listing. Users can sort by content type like Video, Image or Audio depending on their needs.
Biography Section - List your Executives, Staff, Collaborators or anyone else in the Biography Section. This Section goes hand in hand with the Biography Layout.
Events Section - This flexible Section can be used as a calendar, a place to show newly released collections, or anything else you dream up. The Title, Date and Location of the Event show in the Listing. Don’t have Events? Call it something different! With the Event Layout this is a powerful listing tool.
Products Section - Show your audience what you do best! This evergreen Section can house all of your Product listings and collect your Multimedia Content for each individual Product into a one-stop experience.
Categories - Some brands have enough content that just Sections won’t do. Add Categories to yournewsmarket that drop down from the Sections for easy Navigation. The Categories stay the same across all Sections for a unified User Experience
External Links in the Header - Add links to your own sites and pages in the header of yournewsmarket for a seamless navigation experience across multiple properties.
Custom Navigation - Do you have something else in mind? We’ll work with you to provide the perfect Information Architecture for yournewsmarket. We are experts at delivering the best Navigation experience possible for your brand.
Restricted Section - Require users to login to access a specific section, the entire site, or just to download.
Global Panel - Pull in a feed from any section within yournewsmarket, such as Latest News or a specific Brand or Country site and embed it on every other story listing to promote your most important content from anywhere on the site.

Share Your Content

Media Cart - One of the most powerful tools we provide, Media Cart allows anyone to collect content as they browse yournewsmarket and email it to anyone or download all of the content at once. Great for targeted Media Relations, send your best content directly to the journalists who need it.
Subscription and Alerts - Add a subscription page to yournewsmarket and send alerts when you publish content to widen your reach.
Cookie Disclaimer - Most sites use Cookies, yournewsmarket tells you exactly why, how and where so your audience can make informed decisions about their privacy. Our Cookie Disclaimer conforms to EU Law and protects your company.
RSS - Allow your audience to aggregate your content using custom RSS feeds that correspond to every Section and Category on yournewsmarket.
Social Media Links - Prominently displayed in the footer of every page, link to all your Social Media accounts so your audience can follow you wherever you go.
Social Media Listing - Multiple Facebook Feeds? A Twitter account for every divisions? We also support Social Media Listings which provide links to as many accounts as you need.
Social Media Feeds - Embed live scrolling feed from your social media properties right on the desktop gateway page.
Contacts - Make it easy for your audience to get in touch. We provide prominent contacts in the footer of every page.
Contacts Listing - Organise multiple contact names within your communication team tagged by territory and/or department.

Search Engine Optmisation

Integrated Google Site Search
Refine By Search Filters
Site Map Submission to Google
Special Meta Tags for Twitter, Facebook
PageMaps implementation
SEO Friendly URLs


Basic Reporting - See visitors to your site, overall downloads, shares and some basic charts and graphs right from your Content Management System.
Download Data - Get detailed reporting on who downloaded your content if you have the Tell Us About You feature turned on, and individual asset reporting.
Google Analytics - You’ll get access to your own Google Analytics page where you can pull your own reports on yournewsmarket and see how individual stories perform.
Custom Reports, Analysis and Suggestions - We’ll work with you to create the report you need, we’ll provide you with in depth metrics and help you interpret the raw data to increase your productivity.