La narration est devenue une partie essentielle des communications de marque. TheNewsMarket, qui fait partie de DMA Media Group, est spécialisé dans l’aide aux organisations et aux marques qui racontent leurs histoires grâce à la production et à la distribution de contenus numériques attrayants. De la stratégie de contenu et de l’activation numérique à la production vidéo et à la facilitation des émissions en direct, TheNewsMarket sait la meilleure façon de créer et de distribuer du contenu pour maximiser l’engagement des médias.


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TheNewsMarket is expert in creating video packages, infographics and animations for a range of different media audiences. Knowledgeable in-house experts can contribute to the creation of content and offer advice on how best to target different audiences with different styles of content. Whether it’s b-roll and soundbites for TV broadcasters or promotional videos for social media, the production team knows how best to create effective and engaging video content.


TheNewsMarket specialises in building and hosting online newsrooms for brands and organisations, and have done so some of the biggest brands in the world across multiple industries. The award winning newsroom platform, yournewsmarket, creates the perfect user experience for journalists and influencers to access and utilise brand content. All newsrooms come mobile optimised with state-of-the-art press kit and media cart tools, enabling content to be viewed and shared faster than ever, from anywhere, on any device.


TheNewsMarket’s content distribution platform,, is an online news site which features stories and multimedia content that is topical, newsworthy and free for journalists to view, share and download. The platform is used by a global network of 36,000 registered media outlets across 190 countries. Placing content on TheNewsMarket’s distribution platform is an effective way for brands to achieve greater media exposure and coverage in the press.


TheNewsMarket can amplify content through social media activation and targeted pitching. A dedicated media relations team with a built up network of journalist contacts can set aside time to pitch specific stories to ensure press coverage and greater media exposure. The media relations team are also well versed in arranging and coordinating satellite media tours at world events, where brand representatives are interviewed by the top media outlets in the world.