At TheNewsMarket we’ve witnessed a growing demand for animated videos from our clients. The reason? They’re a great way of explaining complex subjects or services in an entertaining and clear way. However, the production of this type of video is very different to traditional ‘live action’ films. TheNewsAcademy, the knowledge centre of TheNewsMarket, has gained insight on this subject from our in-house experts.

“There are many variables for a brand to consider,” says TheNewsMarket’s Executive Producer, Adrian Smith. “Before you get going with your video project, ask yourself a few simple questions. It will make the commissioning and production process go a lot smoother. It may even save you money.”

Here are 4 key questions that Adrian recommends:

1 – Who is your audience? This sets the tone for the video. If it’s a B2C audience you will want it to be entertaining and fun. If it’s B2B, your viewer will wants you to get straight to point. So you may want it more informative, a bit more corporate and have a more serious tone.

2 – What is the best format? Do you want a voiceover? Or just stick with music and text? A voiceover will add to your costs. You will also have to decide whether you want a male or female voice and one that has an accent or is neutral.

3 How long should the video be? We recommend three minutes maximum but one and a half minutes is ideal. Do remember: the longer the video, the more you’ll be paying your supplier.

4 What is your deadline? Be aware that animations tend to take longer to produce than ‘live action’ videos. So make sure that your supplier knows the deadline and has the capacity to deliver on time.

So what are the next steps in the process? According to Adrian: “You will probably want your video to reflect your company’s brand guidelines. So send over your brand colours and fonts to the animator.” He adds: “You should then ask your supplier to create and provide a storyboard of images. As a commissioner, you should aim to get sign-off from all stakeholders at every stage of the production process.”

Finally, some words of advice from TNM’s Chief Animator, Ricardo Ferreira: “Don’t wait until the last moment to get approval from your CMO. They tend to have strong opinions. The nightmare scenario is an impending deadline and an unhappy CMO!”


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