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Many big companies swear by them, journalists love them and TheNewsMarket, the international platform for journalists, specializes in integrating them into homepages for companies. We’re talking about newsrooms.

But what does the term ’newsroom’ mean? Well it originally comes from the editorial office of daily newspapers. where all the news of the day was received and filtered.

Today, it also stands for the editorial offices of broadcasters where the heads of all departments sit at one big table, setting the agenda, making the decisions and thus producing the content.

In some major corporations, communications departments have begun replicating this way of working.

For them, the newsroom is a real space, sometimes even designed by architects, for the communications work of all disciplines (public relations, investor relations, human resources, internal communication, social teams etc), where topics are strategically planned and prepared together.

Lufthansa Newsroom, Frankfurt

For others, a newsroom is the area of ​​the company website where journalists and other interested parties can find and download press and information material, i.e. text, pictures, videos, footage, audio files and much more.

Thanks to the digital revolution, this is possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A digital newsroom knows no Sunday or public holiday.

This also corresponds with the working methods of journalists. And it reflects the globalization of communications.

But building such a digital newsroom is not that easy. On the one hand, it requires certain structures that make it easy for journalists to find, sift through, select and ultimately download the required media asset. On the other hand, especially with regard to the audio-visual area, legal, content related and technical tips are helpful.

This is especially true if you offer the material in various formats and TV standards, address an international clientele and want to help journalists as well as bloggers or the public.

TheNewsMarket, now part of DMA Media, has been steadily developing the storage and distribution of video and footage for over 20 years with its international platform for TV and online journalists.

They are the experts at integrating multi-media platforms into the news pages of its customers. TheNewsMarket team calls the corresponding tool ‘YourNewsMarket’.

UEFA Online Newsroom |

More and more companies rely on YourNewsMarket, saving themselves the hassle of having to develop the complex processes behind an online newsroom. Even though the technology behind YourNewsMarket comes from TheNewsMarket’s own platform, it can still be adapted exactly to the corporate design of the customer’s homepage.

In the background, even the CMS systems of the company can be linked to the new newsroom and the content transfer can be automated.

The word ‘newsroom’ does not mean the same thing to everyone. But all newsrooms have one thing in common: the ability to bring together topics, media assets, channels and target audiences in one place.