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TheNewsMarket’s media relations team have built up a global network of journalists and can pitch specific stories to ensure press coverage and greater media exposure. TheNewsMarket have a long history of helping brands hit new media audiences with a diverse multilingual team and a journalist network spanning over 190 countries. The media relations team also specialises in arranging and coordinating satellite media tours, where brand representatives are interviewed by the top media outlets in the world.



Our multilingual team have built up a global network of journalist contacts spanning over 190 countries. We will advise on a media relations plan according to your goals and reach out to relevant journalists and influencers to  promote your content and get your message across. We deliver a full report on all media contacted and feedback collected.

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A satellite media tour is a technique used to provide a company executive or brand ambassador to news broadcasters worldwide for live, remote interaction. Whether you are pushing your PR efforts for a corporate announcement, product launch, industry event or trade show, we can connect your spokespeople to global tier 1 media such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Associated Press and Reuters. Our expert media relations team can identify key messages and targeted media outlets, secure multiple back-to-back live and taped interviews and produce them live on location. We can provide satellite trucks, a full on site technical and production team, as well as planning, coaching and coordination. We deliver a full report on all media contacted, coverage and airings vs ad placement costs.



Similar to an SMT, a radio media tour is a series of pre-arranged, back-to-back, 10-15 minute interviews between your spokesperson and targeted radio stations. RMTs are an efficient way to get optimal radio exposure for your message.

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Allow journalists to ‘virtually’ attend an event as we deliver coverage of a product launch, conference, presentation or Q&A session. Our live event team can take care of all production requirements and our technology allows for completely open or password-protected live-streams. To increase visibility and viewership of your event, our experienced media relations team are able to place the live feeds with top media outlets across the world through our extensive journalist network.



Studio tours are a great opportunity to meet the media face-to-face and to talk to journalists directly from their studio. Our media relations team work directly with you on every step of the way: establishing talking points, developing a media relations plan, coordinating opportunities with top tier broadcasters, briefing & coaching, as well as accompanying your team to the studio. We deliver a full report on all media contacted, coverage and airings vs ad placement costs.

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If you aren’t planning on having live interviews during your event but still want to have media attending and doing pre-recorded interviews on site, we can help as well. Let us know about any opportunity that journalists might enjoy and what you are offering throughout the day,  we will make sure they know exactly what to expect and will coordinate any scheduled events. If needed we can also advise on a media agenda. They can either bring their own camera crew, or we will provide it and transfer the footage directly to their newsrooms.

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