TheNewsMarket is expert in producing video for media and consumer audiences. We offer the best advice on how to target an interest group with the most relevant style of content. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, we film and distribute anywhere in the world. Whether it is live events, shareable videos for social or b-roll and soundbites for TV broadcasters, our in-house experts create effective content for you to tell engaging stories to your target audiences. Our media relations team can distribute and pitch a brand story to journalists the world over.



TheNewsMarket specialises in capturing video content for brands and organisations looking to activate new campaigns, promote upcoming events and launch new products. TheNewsMarket have produced promotional video packages for some of the biggest brands in the world across a wide range of different industries including sports, tourism, automotive and fashion.


Lamborghini hosted the dynamic launch for the recently unveiled supercar, the Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder. The launch took place in Miami, USA, and motor journalists from all around the world were invited to film and test drive the car. Lamborghini used TheNewsMarket’s video production service to capture and produce an edited video package for the journalists to take away. The video content was also used by Lamborghini’s social media team to promote the supercar on their Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels.


When ESCADA launched their new fragrance Joyful, TheNewsMarket produced the digital ad videos for the fragrance, featuring the Australian model Miranda Kerr. TheNewsMarket also produced behind the scenes videos, internal pieces and a selection of other consumer videos that were used by various fashion media outlets such as Vogue and Hello Magazine.



Our content team understand audiences and can create compelling social media videos for clients of all sizes. We have an envious track record in offering innovative production and filming techniques such as 360 filming, drones, GoPros etc. to make content suitable and interesting for social media use.


We worked with Holiday Inn to help launch their new brand and advertising campaign ‘Because we know what matters’. For the occasion, we filmed Ronan Keating surprising some of the hotel guests who had travelled to Manchester to see him in concert. The video amassed more than 15,000 views in just two days.


Our creative and production team travelled to the California desert to film a celeb-studded pool party hosted by Lacoste at a private residence during the Coachella music festival. We needed to be especially discreet since this was a live event and not a staged shoot, so we came up with an innovative solution to capture the live event without disrupting the informal vibe — we used a drone. Soaring high above the poolside crowds at a sprawling private estate, our drone captured bird’s-eye-view footage that otherwise would have been impossible without a helicopter and a Hollywood-sized budget.



In recent years webcasts have become a popular way for brands to promote major events to a wider media audience. TheNewsMarket are experienced at capturing live talks, launches and conferences and have produced webcasts for major brands and organisations including PwC, Chevrolet, Lamborghini and Gavi Alliance.

TheNewsMarket also specialises in filming and producing live television interviews and have been working with the biggest media outlets in the world for over a decade. Our media relations team regularly place company executives with outlets such as the BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN, and if the interview is taking place on-site at a major event, our experienced team are always on hand to take care of the production.


For PwC, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is an opportunity to join the global conversation as a thought leader. TheNewsMarket has worked with PwC for several years to launch its Annual Global CEO Survey, an event which has established itself as one of the highlights of Davos. We helped PwC re-think and re-energize the event. The coverage included a pre-recorded magazine programme and a live show which featured PwC’s Global Chairman Bob Moritz and the business presenter Dharshini David in front of a live audience of journalists and streamed live via webcast. The result was a substantial increase in viewership and engagement. Packages of content for social media and for journalists were also filmed, edited and made available to the media.



LEGO Group announced it would be investing DKK 1 billion into the research and development of new sustainable raw materials to be used in LEGO blocks and product packaging. The announcement was made at a press conference in Billund, Denmark and TheNewsMarket organised a satellite media tour (SMT) on behalf of LEGO, placing and filming live television interviews for the CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, with media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, the BBC, and Sky News.




If a brand is sponsoring an event or staging its own brand event, creating quality video content about the occasion is important for raising awareness and maximising media engagement. TheNewsMarket’s knowledgable in-house experts understand how best to capture this form of footage and tailor the content for different media audiences.


The 20th Asian Television Awards took place in Suntec Singapore. The financial technology company Six Capital sponsored the awards and utilised TheNewsMarket’s production service to produce and edit a number of video packages highlighting the company’s presence at the awards ceremony.g



The Geneva Motor show is one of the major events on the automotive calendar, attracting journalists, bloggers and car enthusiasts from all around the world. Each year, TheNewsMarket produces and distributes content at the Geneva Motor Show on behalf of a range of its automotive clients.




Producing the right kind of video content is essential to subsequently getting that content into the media. TheNewsMarket have been producing and distributing content to the biggest and most influential media outlets in the world for over 17 years and understand exactly what journalists are looking for. From b-roll to soundbites, we know what journalists want and how to capture it.

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Infographics have become an effective tool for brands and organisations to communicate key messages to internal stakeholders, consumers and the media. TheNewsMarket is able to produce world-class video animations and infographics to help brands engage with a variety of different audiences.



Live action in a 3-D modelled world for a walk-to-school campaign for London local Government.d

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