‘PSA: TheNewsMarket Launches Platform to Help Clients Build Online Newsrooms “Out of the Box”’

TheNewsMarket (www.thenewsmarket.com) announced the launch of new software—a Responsive Web Design Newsroom. The new brand will be known as yournewsmarket.

yournewsmarket will arm your customers, journalists, editors and bloggers with all the tools they need to tell your story. With the rise of content marketing, a viral success can translate into global brand exposure. The favourable publicity of your brand based on ‘free’ earned media is the most difficult to obtain however it holds, by far, the most value. Adopt a pro-active approach to earned-media, enhance the profile and messaging of your organisation with your own responsive web design brand newsroom.

yournewsmarket is full of features, optimised across all mobile devices; it offers your multimedia content for download. yournewsmarket will house all your news content, past and present, encouraging the conversation and increasing your visibility online. For a full list of bespoke features, please get in touch or visit our website.

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