It’s probably the most cherished sport cup in the world. It’s the dream of every football player since childhood. And it’s arguably the most famous event in the world that occurs every four years… yes, I’m talking about the FIFA World Cup.

Whilst we await our favourite team running out onto the pitch (unfortunately not me, since I’m Italian…), let’s take a look at some of the best World Cup adverts on release.


The official sponsor of the World Cup gathered together creators such as: Leo Messi, Paul Pogba, Dele Alli, Luis Suarez, Gabriel Jesus, José Mourinho, Pharrell Williams and many others.

There’s a bespoke campaign for each market which invites creatives to get involved with the World Cup by using the #HereToCreate hashtag across social media.


The new Gatorade ad ‘Heart of a Lio’ features an animated Lionel Messi, telling his life story on the pitch leading up to the World Cup.

The ad invites us to pursue our dreams: “If you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you.”


British broadcaster ITV’s ad encourages English supporters to forget about the past in order to lower the levels of expectation that occur every four years. Forget about history, because all that matters is now. So it claims…


Budweiser has launched its World Cup marketing campaign called ‘Light Up the World Cup’, which is a major spend by AB InBev.

The ad sees red drones going to Russia to deliver bottles of beers to the thirsty football fans.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways released a campaign for the World Cup which includes Nicole Scherzinger singing ‘Dancing in the Streets’.

The ad highlights the joy of football and the power of the airline that claims to make all the traveling football fans happy. I’m not so sure about the song mind you…


He’s one of the biggest football personalities and he once declared: “A FIFA World Cup without me is not worth watching.” I’m talking about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He was left out of the Swedish team but VISA decided to send him to Russia anyway… see how it goes in the video!


The marketing campaign launched by the betting group Bwin ‘Who stole the World Cup?’ features  a number of football legends plotting to steal the most famous trophy in the world. The movie includes Maradona, Spain’s former coach Vicente del Bosque, Germany’s Stefan Effenberg and the two times World Cup champion Cafu.

So I’ll leave you with a tough question – which one do you like the most?  I wish you and your team all the best for the World Cup. Before you go, take a look at my favourite World Cup ad ever. A quick hint: it’s 1998, it’s in an airport and it involves samba dancing 😉