• SOURCE: The NewsMarket

Safety First for the World's Major Car Manufacturers

May 2018


Share The Road

One of the main arguments for autonomous vehicles (AVs) is that most car accidents are the result of human error. The logic goes that if you take the human factor out of driving then the number of crashes will decline. This will be put to the test over the coming years as more companies try out their AV models on the roads. But, until they become a commercial reality, safe driving for humans in urban areas will remain a big issue for the world's car manufacturers.

Ford, for example, has just unveiled its 'Share The Road' campaign which promotes driver and cyclist harmony in increasingly congested cities, targeting changes in behaviour to help make urban areas safer. Ford has produced a virtual reality experience called ‘WheelSwap’ which enables motorists and cyclists to see how inconsiderate driving and riding can be potentially fatal for fellow road users. For the full story, follow the link.


Meanwhile, Spain's SEAT has released a list of seven driving assistants that we can no longer live without. One example is the Automatic brake application that prevents collisions. The system first emits a warning and then automatically brakes the car if necessary. The European Commission says the use of such technology will save 7,300 lives and prevent 38,900 serious injuries over the period 2020-2030. To read more, click here.


We may not be putting our feet up and riding in AVs for some time yet but at least technological breakthroughs - like the above stories - will be helping make for increasingly safe and comfortable driving over the next decade.