Adding Up the Real Costs of Retirement



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ANCHOR LEAD: Are you ready for retirement? AARP just released free new resources to help make sure you're on the right track. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. In today's economy, planning for retirement requires knowing how you want to live your life as you grow older. AARP retirement expert Jean Setzfand says the sooner you start planning the easier it is to achieve your goals. CUT: (Setzfand) One of the things that people overlook is health care. We see through our recent study that only about a third have taken steps to actually estimate how much they need in health care. A lot of people assume that Medicare is going to take care of them health care-wise in terms of cost in retirement. But that's not in fact true. SCRIPT: Setzfand says there are a lot of out of pocket expenses that are not covered by Medicare. That's why AARP created the Health Costs Calculator. CUT: (Setzfand) If you actually go to AARP-dot-org-forward-slash-Health-Costs-Calc. That is the site to our new Healthcare Cost Calculator. SCRIPT: The calculator won't ask for private information, and when you complete online form the calculator will give you a healthcare cost estimate and action steps. That website is part of the AARP Ready for Retirement suite of tools at AARP-dot-org-forward-slash-ready-for-retirement. That's Lifestyles from AARP.
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