Are You Putting Convenience Ahead Of Security?



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ANCHOR LEAD: Tens of thousands of Americans are putting themselves at risk while using public Wi-Fi. Brian Osuch has more on why it's time to stop over sharing and keep your information out of the hands of hackers. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. An AARP Fraud Watch Network report, Convenience versus Security, finds the freedom and convenience of public wireless access may come at a cost. Fraud Expert, Amy Nofziger is with AARP… CUT: (Nofziger) 26% of people admitted to not having a passcode on their smartphone device, and 27% of the people admitted to doing online shopping or online banking while using a public Wi-Fi. SCRIPT: And those are two things Nofziger says you should change right away. And now, AARP is helping consumers by highlighting four things to never do on public Wi-Fi. CUT: (Nofziger) Do not do online shopping or online banking while using a free public Wi-Fi. Don't fall for a fake, scammers will set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots with similar sounding names to legitimate ones, so make sure to verify. Also, do not let your device automatically connect to a nearby Wi-Fi. And finally, stick to cell, although it has its risks, it's much safer than public Wi-Fi. SCRIPT: For more, go to AARP.org/watchyourwifi. That's Newsbreak from AARP.
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