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ANCHOR LEAD: While "the birds and the bees" was the uncomfortable talk every parent had with their children about the beginning of life, they also need to have another important talk about the later years of life. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. As one gets older it's important to talk to your children about your later years. Unfortunately, most families don't have "that" talk until its too late. To help facilitate the discussion AARP has teamed with Tim Prosch, author of The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children About the Rest of Your Life to help create awareness. Prosch says the idea for the book came after interviewing families. CUT: (Prosch) I kept hearing I will never put my kids through what just happened to me but it turns out, they will because of the emotional barriers that keep almost everybody away from these conversations. SCRIPT: Prosch recommends starting by building a binder with all of your information in it before you talk with your children. He also says the guide can help children get over the emotional barriers. CUT: (Prosch) Give them the book and say, "why don't you read this book," and when you're done we'll sit down and talk about the "book" and it becomes a lot less confrontational than just saying we've gotta talk about this stuff now. SCRIPT: For more go to The-Other-Talk-dot-com or AARP-dot-com. That's Lifestyles from AARP.
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