Holiday Scammers Are Coming To Town



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ANCHOR LEAD: Every season is open season for scammers, but the holiday season in particular is filled with scams that will steal your money and your holiday cheer – unless you're careful. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Financial Fitness, I'm Brian Osuch. This year, shoppers will spend about six hundred and seventeen billion dollars on holiday gifts, and the scammers want a piece of that money. Amy Nofziger, fraud expert with AARP advises… CUT: (Nofziger) The three holiday scams we see most often this time of the year are online shopping scams, gift card fraud and fake charities. We really need people to review their financial statements. If anything looks suspicious on your credit card bill or your bank statement definitely report it. SCRIPT: Nofziger says there is a new online tool to learn about scams and get help. CUT: (Nofziger) The Fraud Watch Network is a free resource for anyone of all ages. You'll have access to tools and information to help you not become a victim of fraud. You can sign up for free email alerts; you can have access to the con-artist playbook. You can also have access to the toll-free Fraud Fighting call center hotline. There are trained volunteers waiting to take your call and help guide you through your fraud and scam situation. SCRIPT: For more visit AARP.org/FraudWatchNetwork. That's Financial Fitness from AARP.
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