How to Hang Up on Tech Support Scammers



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SCRIPT: In the Know, I’m Andy Solomon. Tech Support Scams are on the rise across the country and they aren’t just praying on the elderly. Leading Security Expert and AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador Frank Abagnale helps you identify possible threats. (:13) CUT: (Abagnale) “The way this scam works is really quite simple you either get an email or phone call from someone supposedly with Microsoft or a tech company and they claim that there’s malware on your computer and they need to go in and fix it...” 1:33-1:44 “…and they tell you that for a fee, charged to your credit card they’ll go in and fix the problem.” 1:51-1:56 (:17) SCRIPT: In a recent survey done by Microsoft they found that millions of Americans fell victim to this type of scam with over $1.5 Billion in losses to fraudsters posing as it or other tech company employees. (:13) CUT: (Abagnale) “We try to remind people that Microsoft is not going to send you that email or make that phone call or any other legitimate tech company, that’s an unsolicited call.” 2:10-2:20 (:10) SCRIPT: For more details about these types of scams go to AARP dot org slash Tech Scams. Now You’re in the Know from AARP. (:07)
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