The Health Care Costs Of Retirement



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ANCHOR LEAD: If your plans for your retirement savings are travelling, spoiling your grandchildren, or financing a hobby, you should listen to this report from Brian Osuch. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. According to a new AARP survey, more than half of workers over fifty are worried they won't be able to afford paying for their own healthcare as they age. Debbie Banda with AARP, says a common mistake is not to include health care expenses when planning for retirement. CUT: (Banda) Survey after survey have shown that for a retired couple their out of pocket health care cost could reach $200,000 dollars. So if you don't save for those costs, that's going to put a big dent in your nest egg, and it's going to cut into that healthy retirement that you are looking for. SCRIPT: Although many recommend workers start saving for retirement before age 35, Banda emphasizes that it is never too late and you can get help to start saving today. CUT: (Banda) We have this fabulous online tool, it is free of charge. We call it the Health Care Cost Calculator. And it tells you what your out of pocket health care cost might be. But it also helps you create an action plan. SCRIPT: To learn more visit AARP.org/hccc. That's Newsbreak from AARP.
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