• 01-APR-2016


Con Artists Scamming Their Way Into Your Pockets By Posing As IRS Agents

ANCHOR LEAD: Scammers will stop at nothing to rip you off and make a clean getaway with your hard earned money. Brian Osuch has more on one aggression scam that always surfaces this time of year. (:60)

SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. It's tax time and scammers want to get their hands on your money. The AARP Fraud Watch Network has launched an education campaign to help consumers and Amy Nofziger with AARP foundation says beware of IRS imposter scams.

CUT: (Nofziger) The scammer will call an unsuspecting consumer and tell them that they are the IRS and that they owe money for back taxes. And if they don't pay immediately, they threaten arrest, deportation or even job loss.

SCRIPT: But, that's not how the IRS operates…

CUT: (Nofziger) The IRS will never call you without sending a letter first. Real IRS agents will never demand immediate payment over the phone and they certainly won't ask for that payment via money transfer, prepaid gift cards or prepaid debit cards.

SCRIPT: So, how can consumers protect themselves…

CUT: (Nofziger) If you think there's even the slimmest chance that you owe money, call the legitimate IRS with the phone number that you found in the phonebook or online.

SCRIPT: For more, go to AARP.org/FraudWatchNetwork. That's Newsbreak from AARP.


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