• 29-MAR-2016


Con Artists Using the "IRS Scam" to Target Thousands of Taxpayers with Threatening Phone Calls

AARP Fraud Expert Explains How to Recognize If You're Dealing with a Scammer

The Internal Revenue Service is reporting a surge in the number of telephone calls by aggressive scam artists impersonating IRS Agents. Thousands of consumers nationwide have had their money stolen by these scammers, who claim that a person owes back taxes and demand immediate payment to avoid being arrested, taken to court, or having their property seized.

In response to this flood of aggressive telephone scams, the AARP Fraud Watch Network has launched an education campaign to help people protect themselves.

Amy Nofziger explains how the con artists execute the IRS Scam, discusses why it has been so effective, advises consumers how to recognize and avoid the scam and what to do if you've been targeted. Amy is associated with the AARP Fraud Watch.