• 15-OCT-2015


How to Avoid Open Enrollment Confusion

Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15 – December 7</U>

From co-pays, to deductibles, to prescription drug plans, comparing and choosing insurance coverage can be confusing. Plans often change their benefits and costs from year to year, so open enrollment is your one opportunity to make changes that best meet your current needs – and save money! Because of skyrocketing drug prices, comparing prescription drug plans is vitally important to Medicare beneficiaries, especially those on fixed incomes.

In time for this year's Medicare Open Enrollment period, Leigh Purvis, Director of Health Services Research in AARP's Public Policy Institute, discusses the importance of sitting down and re-evaluating your Medicare insurance coverage.

She also discusses:
  • Why it's important for people with Medicare to compare their current plan with others during open enrollment – to avoid nasty surprises in January
  • How switching to another plan could save them a lot of money in 2016
  • What changes they can make during open enrollment
  • How they can get help comparing plans, free of charge and free of sales pressure