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Soundbites from ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer
00:05: "This will be a landmark project that demonstrates that energy efficiency, that renewable energy, that lightweight construction can be taken to limits beyond limits that mankind would have perceived. So I am very very happy that this project has performed so successfully, it has demonstrated what we wanted to demonstrate – that you really can move technology another step forward, a significant step forward, into the unthinkable, to demonstrate what is possible in terms of value creation for mankind through technology.” 00:43: "One other highlight of this project is that we demonstrate that microgrids can really happen. Solar Impulse is a flying microgrid: you have renewable power generation, you have storage, you have control. And that’s an effort as one of our dedicated growth initiatives that we are really driving into the future. I really strongly believe in that, and the feasibility has been proven with this project just one more time.” 01:10: "As you can imagine with such a challenging project, there were many moments where we were nervous, where we were tense and said, ‘Will it really work?’ And for me the favourite is when André came out of the plane in Hawaii after coming over from Japan – that was a tremendous achievement. We had some difficult weather conditions, we had some difficult experiences before, we had some issues with the batteries – and altogether, this was probably the highlight moment of the entire journey."
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