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SCRIPT: It’s the final piece of the jigsaw. ABB has long been a global leader in the industrial automation business Now, by pairing with B&R’s products and solutions, the company says it’s closing a historic gap… …to deliver an unmatched, comprehensive offering for machine and factory automation. SOUNDBITE, Peter Terwiesch, President, Industrial Automation division, ABB (English, 25 sec): “Effectively, we’ll become a powerhouse one-stop shop that is basically unrivalled in the industry, because there is no one who would have the PLC, the drives, the motors, the robots, the distributed control system…and yet these are the key automation ingredients – along with sensors and analysers, that we also already have in ABB – that form automation solutions.” ABB already has well-known, leading solutions in the advanced robotics, drives, control systems, sensors and software that run a modern factory. What B&R adds is expertise in software-based, open architecture solutions for machine and factory automation… In particular a type of digital computer called a programmable logic controller, or PLC, which is used to automate manufacturing processes like assembly lines or groups of robots. It means ABB’s solutions now span the entire automation spectrum. Following on from the commercial launch of ABB Ability, which brings all of ABB’s digital solutions together under one offer, it means that the company is now uniquely positioned to seize the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. SOUNDBITE 2, Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO, ABB (English, 28 sec): “With Bernecker + Rainer, we’re closing that gap. We bring in the IoT solutions of B&R, we bring in the application software suite, we bring in all the capabilities that they have in automation studio to design and rapid-install their solutions in the industry, so it’s a perfect match also from a digital perspective. Together, we will have an unmatched portfolio on digitalization for our customers in the fourth industrial revolution.” The complementarity offered by B&R makes this one of the most significant acquisitions in ABB’s recent history… And their headquarters in Austria will now become ABB’s global center for machine and factory automation. …unlocking value for customers, and writing the future of industrial digitalization.
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