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When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2012, streets and subways were flooded, hundreds of homes destroyed, and large parts of the city lost electricity for several days. At the Con Edison substation serving Lower Manhattan, including Wall Street, staff still remember the devastation vividly. SOUNDBITE, Dan Taft, Chief Engineer Control Systems, Con Edison (English, 23 sec): "The copper wiring, control wiring, was very seriously damaged by the saltwater that came in during Hurricane Sandy. The corrosion that we saw on some of this wiring, and the terminal blocks, looked like it might have taken decades to occur, and yet it occurred in just a matter of hours during the storm. That’s how bad the damage was.” They were determined that it wouldn’t happen again. That’s where ABB Ability came in. ABB replaced the copper wires with a whole new fibre optic network that’s virtually immune to water damage. It also effectively digitalises the whole substation, giving Con Edison eyes and ears on their entire process. SOUNDBITE, Dan Taft, Chief Engineer Control Systems, Con Edison (English, 25 sec): "The new ABB Ability system that’s in place here allows us to take advantage of what we refer to colloquially as 'big data' – where we will be able to collect data on all manner of parameters, and // be able to analyse that, to trend it, and to be able to predict where problems may occur that we would otherwise be unable to do.” That makes for smarter maintenance – and better business intelligence. And for Con Edison’s hundreds of thousands of Manhattan customers, it means a digitalised substation that’s not just storm-proof…but future-proof too.
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