• 28-AUG-2014

  • SOURCE: adidas

adidas and Flamengo launch the club´s new third kit and a plant named after the club

Flamengo -1
As part of the launch of the new third jersey, adidas and Flamengo have decided to affectionately nickname the plant species Acalypha wilkesiana the "Flamengueira." The idea to adopt the plant as a symbol of the club was inspired by the new uniform, which is predominantly red and bares graphics inspired by leaves and trees of the Brazilian forests and woodlands.

During the launch, children from Flamengo's little league training centers throughout Rio de Janeiro will plant saplings in the Gávea neighborhood, the home of the red-and-black team.

"The partnership between adidas and Flamengo is already marked by grand, innovative actions that are a source of pride to fans. Undoubtedly, the 'Flamengueira' adds to that list," stated Luiz Gaspar, manager of the soccer category for adidas clubs in Brazil.