• 21-NOV-2014

  • SOURCE: adidas

adidas Defines Elegance with the New 11Pro

11Pro & Nitrocharge
Today adidas revealed a new version of its 11Pro boot, which is set to offer the most comfortable and premium fit to date. The all-new design and colour blocking ensures that the 11Pro is the classiest boot on the football field and the "perfect suit" in terms of elegance and style.

The 11Pro has been re-engineered from heel to toe allowing for increased stability and protection. A new skeleton in the heel and forefoot allows for the perfect fit, as well as increased stability. The all new comfort outsole also features a comfort frame which distributes pressure across the shoe, while new smaller studs provide perfect ground penetration. The leather upper provides an ultra-comfortable fit as well as optimum control.

As well as providing unparalleled comfort and support, the boot comes with a new premium and modern look. The classic black and white design gives the boots a timeless appeal and puts them at the forefront of style in the beautiful game.

To accompany the launch of the new 11Pro, adidas has also launched an updated Nitrocharge - the chosen weapon for box to box players, with the latest version adding even more protection for the players at the heart of the action. A new energy-sling positioning has been used alongside an increased area of protection pads and protection mesh to provide unrivalled stability.

Both boots are stamped with the UEFA Champions League logo inside, a mark that these boots are designed to deliver on the biggest of all stages.

The all-new adidas 11Pro & adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is available to buy at www.adidas.com/football from Monday 1st December. For further information please visit adidas.com/football or go to facebook.com/adidasfootball or @adidasfootball on twitter to join the conversation.